ANZ has again been the target of hoaxers, hundreds of ATMs nationwide yesterday being plastered with “out of order” signs.

Spokesman for the protest who identifies himself only as “Katso” said the action was in response to ANZ’s support for Whitehaven Coal.

“We believe that ANZ is out of order in its unethical funding of coal projects,” he said.

“We’re calling on ANZ to stop funding dangerous coal expansion and shift to investments in renewable energy.”

Anti-coal activist Jonathan Moylan put out a fake press release, dated January 7, purporting to be from ANZ and announcing the withdrawal of a $1.2 billion loan for Whitehaven Coal.

The false report sent Whitehaven Coal shares down 8.8 per cent until news of the hoax spread and trading was halted.

Katso said his group supported Mr Moylan’s “act of peaceful civil disobedience”. “As climate change dramatically worsens, people of conscience must stand up against coal, gas and oil.”

Paper “out of order” signs were taped to ATMs around Hobart yesterday, including in the Elizabeth St mall and at Eastlands.

But ANZ was unfazed, saying it was “a temporary inconvenience”. A spokesman said the bank did not use paper signs when ATMs are out of order.