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Plans to increase bus fares sparked a wave of protests in Brazil last week, but discontent goes way beyond that.

The demonstrations, started in Sao Paulo by a political group called the Movimento Passe Livre (Free Fare Movement), have spread across at least five cities. And the group’s initial objective ā€“ to revert a recent hike in public transportation prices ā€“ has given many organizations and university students a reason to shine a light on larger social issues like corruption, police brutality, and the massive costs of the World Cup and the Confederations Cup now being footed by the taxpayer.

Brazil’s Vinegar Revolt follows an archetypal narrative of taxation without representation or social returns. This broader movement has been alternately dubbed the Revolta da Salada (The Salad Revolution), the Revolta do Vinagre (The Vinegar Revolution), and V for Vinagre, after a Brazilian journalist who was arrested for carrying vinegar to ward off the effects of tear gas used during protests.